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Our Story

Asgard is an advisory firm specializing in macro, capital markets and digital assets. Founded by three experienced partners who met at Columbia Business School, our team brings together a wealth of expertise and a unique approach to investing in dynamic markets.


Our team members and contributors have held senior positions at leading global financial institutions, including Bridgewater, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and HSBC.

Our broad range of experience, combined with a highly data-driven approach and strategic thinking, allows us to identify value across various asset classes and generate alpha for our clients.

Meet The Team

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Alex Krüger

With over a decade of experience within crypto, Alex has established himself as a widely followed and trusted voice of the community who is frequently quoted in the press and invited to speak at industry conferences. An economist by training, Alex has 25 years of experience in commodities and global macro trading.

He is also a veteran digital assets trader, a prolific angel investor, and is advisor to multiple projects in the ecosystem.

Alex holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, a Master’s in Finance from CEMA, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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Renzo Anfossi

Renzo is a seasoned trader and subject matter expert with nearly 15 years of experience on Wall Street. He most recently served as Senior Vice President of Trading at Arca, a leading hedge fund in the digital assets space, where he was responsible for trading, positioning, and risk management of portfolio assets.


Earlier in his career, Renzo spent 15 years on Wall Street as a senior rates trader at Citigroup and Credit Suisse, managing derivatives trading and structuring businesses in the areas of interest rates, FX, and credit, with a focus on macro and emerging markets. 

Renzo has been a guest lecturer in derivatives courses at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Carnegie Mellon, and has built an extensive network in the broader macro investment community.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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Diego Lora

Diego has over 10 years of experience in TradFi and over 5 years of experience in crypto. Diego spent his TradFi career in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance working in London, NY and Latam for HSBC Global Banking & Markets.

Diego also has experience in the creators’ economy space venturing in NFT digital fashion, Art, Collectibles and Digital Certificates. He has been a speaker in conferences around Latam and NY.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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Investor with 15 years of experience in systematic investment management, who specializes in developing systematic strategies for large asset allocators.

He previously served as an investment director in the quantitative arm of an equity fund and as senior Investment associate at Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world.  At Bridgewater, he engaged in proprietary macroeconomic research and in developing and implementing investment ideas focusing on fixed-income markets and portfolio construction.


He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an MBA from a top-tier University.

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