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Our Services

Asgard is a full-service research and advisory firm delivering periodic content as well as a suite of sophisticated analyses leveraging the latest tools. 


Our periodic newsletter provides in-depth research and analysis of the macro and digital assets markets. We combine proprietary data with independent trade ideas, fundamental insights, and overall risk management to give our clients a comprehensive overview of the current state of the market. Our newsletter also includes actionable features and ideas to help clients make informed investment decisions. This newsletter is a valuable tool for investors looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.

Trading Tools

Our distinctive trading tools and dashboards are specifically designed to empower investors in analyzing and capitalizing on opportunities in digital assets and global markets. By integrating state-of-the-art technology, including AI and advanced data analysis, along with our proprietary analytics, we offer our clients a comprehensive toolkit for staying ahead of the curve and maximizing their investment returns.


We offer comprehensive advisory services to clients seeking to address complex investment challenges or launch new products in traditional markets. Drawing on our team's deep expertise in macro and derivatives markets, we provide customized solutions to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. Our longer-term engagements enable us to build strong relationships providing ongoing guidance and support to help them navigate the complexities of these markets.

Digital Assets Advisory

Our team has several years of tangible experience in the digital assets space, with a track record of successful investments and providing advisory services to newly launched protocols. We help established players take their digital assets strategy to the next level, while also providing guidance to traditional allocators and institutions looking to enter this emerging market.

Portfolio Optimization

We are pioneers in bringing modern portfolio construction to the crypto space and into global, multi-asset diversified portfolios. We work closely with our clients to develop strategic asset allocations considering their needs and preferences. Combining our macro and digital assets expertise, we can help our clients optimize their portfolios and achieve long-term investment objectives.

We will help you deliver returns across asset classes

The Asgard team is composed of highly experienced professionals in macro, capital markets, and digital assets. Our team members have strong backgrounds in leading financial institutions, including Citigroup and Bridgewater. This diverse expertise allows us to provide unique perspectives and insights to our clients, helping them to achieve their investment objectives.

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